Turkish Tax System

        -> Special Consumption Tax
        -> Dividend Withholding Tax
        -> Corporate Income Tax
        -> Other Wealth and Transaction Taxes
        -> Personal Income Tax

       Free Trade Zones

        -> Free Trade Zones

       Investment Incentives

        -> Investment Incentives
        -> Exemptions From Customs Duties And Fund Levies
        -> VAT Exemption For Machinery And Equipment
        -> Exemption From Certain Taxes, Duties And Fees
        -> Regional Investment Incentives

       Establishing A Company

        -> Establishing a Company
        -> Company Types
        -> Joint Stock Company
        -> Limited Company
        -> Branch Office
        -> Liaison Office
        -> Partnerships
        -> Registration of a Company
        -> Registration of a Branch
        -> Registration of a Liaison Office
        -> Acquisition of an Existing Firm


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